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Hand crafted leather items

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Greenwood Leather (UK) is a small business producing hand made leather items using top quality materials assembled with traditional tools and techniques.

The business was formed by myself (Eamonn Townsend) in 2016 initially as a hobby, making items for family and friends. Since then, with more experience, I have made a variety of objects and now offer leather products to a wider audience.

Eamonn Townsend The workshop Diary cover

Main products

  • Bags – handbags, tote bags and messenger bags
  • Tablet cases - iPads, Samsungs, etc.
  • Wallets – small and large, card wallets
  • Covers - for books or journals
  • Gifts – Spectacle cases, belts, coin purses

My work ethics

I work by myself from a small studio in Oxfordshire that is shared with the rest of the family. My wife trained in the textile world and sometimes our paths cross in terms of experiences and materials.

I only use top quality leather sourced from UK suppliers and with traditional techniques I produce sturdy items that will withstand the test of time. All of the items I make use the best quality leather as a raw material and all stitching is carried out by hand - there is no machine stitching in my products as hand stitching has been shown to be much stronger than the machine equivalent. My work principle is to use the best quality materials with the traditional techniques to produce a unique item that will be stylish and resilient for day to day usage. Although I have some “off the self” items, most of my work is custom made to your requirements. You can view the items I either have in stock or can be readily provided, in my online shop located at Alternatively, take a look through some of the special projects that I have made in the pages here and if you like the general look of something contact me with details of what you're looking for, I can then give you a quote on making a quality custom product that fits your needs.

Spectacle Cases Phone Case Handbag Tablet case Viking emblem Handbag Laptop bag Belt Book covers Diary cover

How did Greenwood Leather (UK) start

I worked in the I.T. industry for over 40 years and as I approached that time of life when a change is needed, I looked for an interest that would keep me active in retirement and possibly bring in some revenue.

Having had an interest in leather work for some years, I attended a course in the UK to learn the basic skills required and have been practising those skills with various items and designs over the last few years. In 2019 I attended the European Leather workers convention in Holland and expanded my knowledge and experience of different techniques, many of which can be seen in my recent work. Education is a never ending process and further courses and conventions have been booked to continue improving and expanding my knowledge.

Each item is hand-made to order, so the delivery time is not instant - however this gives you the opportunity to discuss exactly what you want and to receive an item that is unique to you and won't be seen in hundreds of high street shops.

There is still plenty more to learn about making leather items and I have a number of prototype pieces that are being worked on - some successful, some not! Only those that are a success and pass my high standards of work make it to the website, so you can be sure that any design you purchase has been tried and tested long before your personal version is created.

Bracelet Small handbag Coin purses Large handbag Highland purse Key case Hand stitching Large handbag Spectacle cases Phone case

Custom Projects

Much of my work is from commissions and custom projects, here are details of some of the more recent pieces of work

Motorcycle travel bag Motorcycle travel bag

This bag was commissioned to replace an old canvas bag that had been used on a number of motorcycle holidays. My friend wanted a bag that was large enough to hold all his clothes, shoes, washing kit, etc for a 10 day trip through Europe. The bag was designed to fit safely on the back seat of the motorcycle and resulted in a capacity of approx 44 litres.

Arm brace Arm brace

This project started as an experiment at making light armour from a piece of heavyweight leather.

Dice cup Dice Cup

My son plays many different table top games some of which require the use of multiple dice. He asked me to make a leather dice cup with some of the logos used within the games played. This is the result of that project.

Wrist Cuff with precious white metal Wrist Cuff with precious white metal

This wrist cuff is a combination of leather and jewelry - the leather band is used to encompass a precious white metal plaque decorated with flowers and leaves.

Cartridge bag - strap conversion Cartridge bag - strap conversion

The client had purchased this cartridge bag with a webbed shoulder strap some years ago. The request was to make a leather strap that would replace the webbing and allow the bag to be used as a general purpose day bag.

Apple Macbook Air - case Apple Macbook Air - case

The client requested a case for an Apple MacBook Air with two initials and a logo based on the Flash TV show.

Although similar to other tablet cases, the MacBook Air is different in that the device is wedge shaped and that needed a different construction of the case.



Contact information

Phone: 01865 600313
(Please note that I may be in the workshop, so leave a message if there's no answer)


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