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My son plays many different table top games some of which require the use of multiple dice. He asked me to make a leather dice cup with some of the logos used within the games played. This is the result of that project.

My first attempt was to take a cardboard coffee cup and replicate this in leather, but the shape didn't work effectively with the dice, so a new design was worked on that had straight sides.

One aspect of a dice cup is that you user should not be able to simply "slide" the dice out of the cup without the dice actually tumbling - to ensure this happens a strip of leather was fixed into place on the inside of the cup thus ensuring that every tip will cause the dice to roll.

The cup is made from a thick leather to provide a sturdy finish - since this proved difficult to hand stitch into a cylinder, the base and sides were laced together.

Original test based on coffee cup

Final version with straight edges

Reverse side

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